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Volume Discount Programs

San Diego and Orange County High Volume Criminal Request Programs

For those companies that have a consistent minimum monthly volume of 500 criminal requests , we offer the following volume discount programs. These programs are designed for companies with low to moderately low hit ratio (5%-15%). For more information on all of the following programs, please call for specific information.

  • Reduced per name prices. With this program the requestor is charged one set low per request fee.
  • Free test searches.
  • Half price or Free AKA name searches.
  • "Good Payer" incentives: Clients that keep a favorable payment history can earn free searches just by paying your invoices in a timely manner.
  • Retainer Program. The retainer program affords companies with extremely high volume to pay just one set monthly fee for all of their search requests. (The number of requests allowed depends on the retainer program purchased. Please call for programs currently available).
  • If your company has high volume and low to moderately low hit ratio (5%-10%), you could pay rock bottom prices for "clear" results and a low per case fee for "hits".