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About Us Technology and Security

Technology Driven

File Finders has developed an online management system which brings you result information as expediently and effortless as possible. Our online system, Court Connect, allows our clients to order and retrieve results online. Additionally, our online system allows you to view archived or pending orders and print results and reports 24/7. Clients can also receive pertinent information or messages only for them with the click of a button.

Have your own online program? No Problem. File Finders will utilize your online system to pick up requests and return results if that is what they prefer. Your company also has the option of submitting requests and receiving results via email. Regardless of your request and/or report delivery preference, you will still have online access to all of the benefits of our online system.

Some features you will appreciate with our online system:

  • Access the system anywhere and anytime via the net
  • Easy ordering of services
  • Use of our program allows us to receive your search requests and return results while at the courts in real time via the web
  • Cumbersome paper trails are minimized
  • The program allows instant access to your personalized company account information
  • Rapid review of results and statuses for pending reports
  • Fast and secure and delivery of completed reports and secure archiving of completed reports
  • Flexible for large and small companies
  • Our flexible program requires no software installation and very minimal training


Security processes and technologies are diligently in use to maintain a proactive, comprehensive and continuous information security risk management program. We lock down your data internally, as well as encrypt whatever we send over the global Internet with 128 bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) when transmitting data. In addition, firewalls are used and the system is regularly tested.