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There Are Several Easy And Convenient Ways To Place Orders

1. Online via our system, Court Connect™

Online ordering is fast, convenient and secure. It is the best way to ensure the fastest turnaround time and most accurate results. To place orders via our online system, please follow these steps.

A. Login and complete the online order form which applies to your search request and submit it to us.
B. Login and retrieve the results or status reports.

2. Your Own Online System, Email or FAX

Alternative request submission and result delivery options such as via your own program, email or fax are available. If you want us to retrieve requests and submit results via your online system, simply provide to us at sign up, the necessary information such as URL, passwords, codes and a “Brief How To Lesson” if your system is unique or proprietary. We currently pull requests and submit results via many of the popular software systems such as FRS, Deverus, ClearStar, etc., so minimal, if any training will be required for use of those systems.