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About Us Company Information

Company Information

File Finders was established in 1995 and is fully insured with E AND O insurance, workers’ comp insurance and general liability insurance. File Finders subscribes to the PRRN and NAPBS’ standards of Professional Conduct and is FCRA compliant. We are 100% wholesale and focused on San Diego. Our team members have been carefully screened, selected and trained. Our staff of researchers is employee based rather than independent contractors; this allows for greater accountability, reliability, responsiveness, flexibility and scalability.

As an industry leader for San Diego based research, File Finders have proven to be a strategic partner to many employment, investigative, legal, risk management and tenant screening information providers, as well as many other users of public record information. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides accurate and timely information you can trust. We believe that every client, large or small, deserves personalized attention and quality service. Our growth and longevity in the industry is a direct result of client retention and client referrals.


Our mission is to offer unprecedented service and exceptional quality of information. We strive to provide accurate information, fast turnaround time and cost effective research services with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism available in the industry. We seek to be a reliable and accountable back end partner that will help empower and assist companies of all sizes with their research needs. We pledge to never lose sight of the absolute need for courteous and prompt client support. We pledge to pay attention to the details so we can consistently provide high quality information that is accurate, timely, legally compliant, reliable and cost effective.

San Diego Is The Only County We Do… And This Is Why

Consider this; San Diego is a very large county with an archaic record keeping and reporting system. Although FELONY INDEX information is available online, CASE/FILE information, MISDEMEANOR and TRAFFIC information is not. This information must be obtained via a court clerk or actual case files. Additionally, if file copies are needed, a visit to the court where the individual file is kept is required. All files are housed between four different court locations throughout the county. Simply put, San Diego is a bear of a county to provide research services. With that being said, we have decided that by concentrating our efforts and focusing our energies on providing superior service for “just” San Diego, our clients receive the most attentive, individualized and dedicated service possible.

Self -Management and Accountability

We understand that there may be hesitation to work with a single county information provider because of the belief or even past experience of working with individual information providers is a hassle. Hands down, we dispel that belief and turn negative experiences into positive ones. We realize that because we are not your only information provider, the less you feel you have to manage San Diego the better. For that reason, we are diligent about managing, monitoring and reporting on the progress and status of each and every request via your system and Court Connect. We strive to be proactive rather than reactive. Our same to next day turnaround time for initial results ensures you receive your results in a timely manner. Via Court Connect, we provide results and status updates 24/7; even if you request that we use your system to input results or pull requests, Court Connect is available for your use.

Quality and Integrity is Our Priority

We know that no matter how fast you get the information back, it is useful only if it is accurate and complete. At File Finders we have created a quality assurance program that helps ensure information returned to you and your clients is as accurate, complete, clear and concise as possible. While it is true that in San Diego all Felony/Misd. Searches are clerk conducted; there is more to doing a thorough search than blindly trusting a clerk to “run the name”. At File Finders, we understand that having a court clerk “run the name” is only one component. Quality checks begin when we receive a request and conduct a name cross match via our own program to identify past requests and previously reported results. If a request was previously requested, we compare both past and current results both before and after a name has been searched, to help ensure consistent reporting of information throughout the search process. Finally, the information is filtered through a stringent quality review process where our staff re-verifies the data for integrity and narrative competency. Our strict attention to detail ensures that your organization will always have the most complete and accurate data available.